Black and White, Long Exposure, Urban

Zürich By Night

Zürich is a stunning city especially at night time. So I, a big fan of long exposure photography, decided to try to capture some of Zürich’s beauty by taking a picture of the Grossmünster across the river Limmat. While I was there I also took some pictures of carlight trails.

Black and White, Home

My First Attempt At Water Splash Photography

The way high shutter speeds can stop the time and freeze movements completely in a way our eyes aren’t capable of seeing has always been fascinating to me. Thus I have decided to try Water Splash Photography myself.

Because of the lack of professional studio equipment I had to set up the scene in the most simple way. As a light source I have used a desk lamp and as a background a blue sheet of paper was the best I could find. Although this primitive setup I was actually surprised at how well the pictures turned out.

Black and White, Urban

Venice in Black and White

“Venice never quite seems real, but rather an ornate film set suspended on the water.”

-Frida Giannini

In July 2016 my girlfriend and I had the opportunity to visit the stunningly beautiful city of Venice for two days with her grandparents. As someone who is interested in photography I naturally had my DSLR with me and tried to take some snapshots as we were walking trough the overcrowded venetian alleys.

Even though the city is full of visitors, it’s still gorgeous and gives you lots of opportunities to take a few good looking holiday photos.

Bare in mind that those images are all just snapshots and aren’t well thought-out composition wise at all, but I’m still happy with the results.